Vishal Gondal- Managing Director DisneyUTV Digital

Very very awesome year as far as gaming and digital business is concerned in India. We saw great growth as far as smart phones are concerned. More and more people are buying tablets and getting their hands on Android devices plus we saw over 200 million downloads of our content on just the Nokia Store. Today, we at Disney see over a million downloads a day just from the Indian market and I think from a market perspective, already I think the market is roughly doing around 200 to 300 million downloads a month. This puts us in a very good trajectory as far as growth of gaming is concerned. Another very interesting point is that there is a big shift towards operators and I see them really becoming very pro to how developers are looking at things. We saw Vodafone changing the revenue share to 70% favoring the developers and I think a lot other operators are going to follow suit and this a very important trend because that gives a lot more revenue in the hands of the developers to invest in creating quality content because IP is expensive and creating a great quality products are definitely expensive.

Another very interesting thing which I saw this year was the resurgence of Nokia in the higher end segment. I think the windows device with Lumia is really really showing a lot of promise. And I don’t have any doubts that it will certainly soon become the No.2 smartphone platform in India after the Android. I think I-phone has lot of work to do here because of the exorbitant price points, it is really difficult for Apple to have a major market share here. There is also a great push on creating a localized IP.

This year we are going to see a lot of content coming up which is locally relevant and to create it towards the sensibility of Indians as broadband and gaming penetrates even in the smaller cities and towns. It would be important to create a content which appeals to this user group. We are also welcoming the launch of 4G in India. Airtel has already done this in few pockets and we are expecting a big launch by Reliance and I think that is going to propel broadband to a completely different level in India which is currently grossly under-penetrated.



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March 12 - 14, 2013
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