Siddharth Roy Kapur - MD(Studios) - DisneyUTV

I am happy to say that there are very exciting times ahead. 2012 for the Indian film industry; I think was a watershed year. A year in which all sorts of cinema worked at the box office. So from a Rowdy Rathore to Ek Tha Tiger to a Pan Singh Tomar and a Burfi, audiences were willing to accept all kinds of cinema as long as it was entertaining and engaging. What was really interesting was that this viewer was not a different viewer. So someone watching Rowdy Rathore was going few months later to watch Burfi and having as good time at the box office.
What that effectively means for us is that we now need to capitalize on the fact that audiences are telling us that their tastes have broadened and they are willing to accept all kinds of content. We now need to step up to the plate and give them that directly. What is also interesting is also of course the fact that with the rising penetration of the exhibition space, you have got a lot more opportunities to go much deeper in India which is a very under-screened market. We can reach out to many more viewers and not have them to have resort to illegitimate means of view in our films.
2013 I think promises once again and especially from the last two months we have seen that to be taking the same trend forward, I think 2013 once again will tell us that big blockbusters movies can co-exist along with smaller probably edgier but high concept films and I think that’s really good times for the industry.



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March 12 - 14, 2013
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