Rajjat Barjatya - MD & CEO - Rajshri Media Pvt Ltd

I think we are at a very very exciting phase in the evolution of the digital video. So on one hand, you have platforms like YouTube where companies like Rajshri Media have seen significant traction. For eg. our flagship channel on YouTube, we have 30 channels, our flagship channel YouTube/Rajshri has over 1.3 billion views and growing very very rapidly. So on one side we have seen a lot of traction on site like YouTube, Hullu, Dailymotions etc. On the other hand we are looking at producing a lot of exciting video content primarily and exclusively for digital media platforms. So currently as on date, we are producing between 120-150 minutes of original video content for digital platforms in-house every day and that’s only going to grow. So we are seeing the evolution of a parallel digital media content creation industry. Just the way you have a film industry, TV industry, you have a gaming industry, I think you are going to have a digital video industry which will have its own sets of producers, directors, actors, writers, technicians who live, breathe, eat digital. Just the way you have a Tulsi and Parvati on television, we now need to create our own Tulsi’s and Parvati’s on digital. Icons whom people were online whether its mobile, tablets, desktops, icons whom people look up to, icons whom people subscribe to.

So I really think the future is, if you’re in the digital video business, don’t think film or television, think digital. Analyze the medium for which you are creating content. It is a lean forward medium where you have the mouse in your hand. It’s an interactive medium; the audience is able to comment and like and can share that piece of digital video content if it’s good. So in that sense the distribution happens virally, you don’t need to spend that kind of marketing dollars that you do on traditional media. So I think we are a very definitive and interesting phase in the evolution of the digital video.



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March 12 - 14, 2013
The Renaissance Powai, Mumbai, India