Karan Johar - Co-Chairman FICCI Entertainment Committee

I think there are various policy decisions that we are trying to push, even the changes in the Cinematographer Act which was very critical and essential to protect the interest of the producers. On a corporate level there are lots of policies they we are asking for on the media and entertainment industry, broadcasting, animation and we are very hopeful that the honorable minister of I&B Broadcasting – Manish Tewari will be a big support to us.

We are very hopeful because in our brief interaction with him, he has shown a lot of support to us as an entity, as a body. We are just hoping that all these policy decisions take our sense of fraternity to another revenue growth. There is taxation that breaks very heavily on us and we feel that we are almost burdened by that. We are addressing it on a guild level from within the producer fraternity, on a national level from a platform such as FICCI. There is also of course as I said, protecting the interests of the film makers and the censor board the final ruling to protect us in every which way. Also, the expansion of exhibition network, the increase in infrastructure in that zone that enable us to provide many more outlets for exhibition and therefore because our content is not being able to supported by the adequate exhibition.

So we are hoping for the best on various fraternities. All this will of course take a while, we are hoping the next five years. Our big agenda this year is to reach out the next billion consumers. I hope that vision is fructified as soon as possible. Well, I have to say on a slightly pessimistic note that I don’t have many hopes from this Budget that will address our issues or say something that will be path breaking and positive in our favor. But we are hoping that the budget ahead of us and years ahead of us will definitely address our issues in a positive optimistic way.



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March 12 - 14, 2013
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