Alok Tandon - CEO, Inox Leisure Ltd

In Inox and Fame we have digitized all our theatres. We have put high end 2K DCI complaint projectors across all our screens. Also, what we have done is, we have created a network operations centre in Bombay through which we control all our screens. That has helped us in various aspects i.e day date release. It has helped us in sending advertisement packages all across the countries in a short period of time. What we have also done is that it has helped us majorly in repair and maintenance and monitoring the performance of every projector and seeing that the viewer sees the best on screen whether it is a bright picture, a great 3D view, uncompressed and absolutely distortions free sound, all that we control from our NOC (network operations centre) which is in Mumbai and which controls all the screens in our country.

Well the future is in digital projection system and helps the entire value chain whether it is the producer, the distributor or the exhibitor by day date releases and it helps the distributor is saving the print cost. People can try different types of movies, different genres of movies even if the budget is not big because of digitization, there can be widespread and nationwide release. So, that’s the future and digital technology is helping everybody in that.



Event details

March 12 - 14, 2013
The Renaissance Powai, Mumbai, India